Meet the Banks Family!

Samantha Banks

She’s a fashion entrepreneur rockstar who exudes confidence but deep inside feels insecurities as a female CEO. She has sacrificed love to pursue her career.

Luke Hudson

Up and coming stand up comedian. Full of confidence and witty humor but also regret for the one (Samantha) he let get away.

Bryce Jones Esquire

Yuppie lawyer. Current boyfriend to Samantha, #1 fan of Luke. He is a fun loving, harmless, yet narcissistic man who is too self-centered to realize other people might think differently than him. Big into Keto, collared shirts and low-emissions vehicles.

Charlie Banks

Brother to Samantha. Married to Annie. A fun-loving goofball who is still trying to be 90’s cool. Always ready to give words of wisdom using pop-culture references.

Annie Banks

Sister-in-law and best friend to Samantha. Also Lukes big sister. Has a passion for helping Luke and Samantha rekindle their romance, and uses her friendly demeanor to get forgiveness for her lack of tact.

John Banks

Father to Samantha. Financially successful and full of wisdom but still mostly a kid at heart and wants nothing more than to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Linda Banks

Mother to Samantha. The rock that holds the family together. Could have crushed it in the professional world but loves being a homemaker, wife and mother.

Grandpa Joe

Grumpy old man who only wants one thing...baked goods that are filled with gluten and sugar. Anything else in life is just a distraction.